While technology has seemingly entered every single chapter of our life, there are still those who don’t know how, or simply don’t want to spend the time needed to understand every intricate detail of what the endless list of systems do on our new car.

There are also others who believe basic is better – perhaps driven mad by the array of systems, switches, touchscreen controls, systems and software that looks ready to also drive a nuclear submarine. While going all Amish and using a horse carriage might also be too extreme even for them, we also recommend they take a closer look at the list compiled by Edmunds.com editors – which started from the idea that models that eschew the latest gizmos, features and gadgets still exist. By the way, leaving all that tech stuff behind usually yields a much cheaper approach to motoring, too. “Car manufacturers are investing a lot of energy and resources into building more connected cars, and that’s raised some legitimate concerns about safety and privacy among consumers, even if there is little or no risk to them at this time,” comments Edmunds.com senior editor John O’Dell.

Naturally, those expecting a high-tech free approach in the upscale segment will have to make do with exotic odd-ball rarities such as retro-styled Morgan Aero 8 roadsters – if they can et their hands on one in the US. For all others, here’s the eight-car list compiled for tech-averse and/or money conscious shoppers. First off, the Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio duo from the two South Korean sister companies: value is the name of the game here. Then we have two models from that beautiful Japanese brand: Mazda. The Mazda3 sedan and MX-5 offer an incredible combination of value, performance and in the former’s case – practicality. Next up, the Smart fortwo – that’s the basic of basic. Or maybe you would care for an electric car that might save the planet – you can opt for the cheapest electric car on the US market, the Mitsubishi i-Miev. If family is all that matters to you, you should take a look at Nissan’s NV passenger version van or perhaps the stylish Titan full-size pickup.

Via Forbes


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