US: high-end pickups bring better profits than premium automakers image

Traditionally, the high-end luxury automobiles are the hot-selling and most profitable part of the auto industry. Well, it turns out that when volumes are involved, the Detroit three have their own, hidden, assets.

With auto sales surging across the US and with the top luxury players posting record profits each month, you would expect German and Japanese players to be the top players. But the Detroit three have their assets in the segment, and we’re not talking about the continuously feeble Lincoln and Cadillac brands. It’s the high-end pickups and SUVs that actually take the lion’s shares of sales. The so-called “luxe truck” phenomenon has been on the rise, with poshed up pickups and SUVs actually making up the big chunk of US vehicle deliveries over $50,000, according to an analysis by online auto-buying service TrueCar.

In an incredible boon to automakers (pickup trucks are actually cheaper to produce than cars), these profit generators make up six of the 10 best-selling vehicles at above that price level. Who’s the top dog here? Ford: with TrueCar saying sales are on track to reach 189,776 F-Series pickups sold this year above the $50,000 mark, the line dwarves sales of BMW’s 3, 5 and 7 Series – or you could say it’s above the combined sales of all Audi models this year.