The third largest Japanese automaker has recently announced during the Washington Auto Show its US sales strategy for the newly introduced Clarity fuel cell vehicle.

The model will of course reach first the most eco-conscious American state – California – and its pricing will start at around $60, 000 with a “targeted” monthly lease of less than $500. On the other hand, even the sunny state residents might have trouble securing a Clarity immediately upon launch as the Japanese automaker has reveald its plans call for a gradual, select markets rollout – Los Angeles, Sacramento, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area will be the lucky ones. Going with such a limited supply will also have Honda reaching out to potential leases first, with actual retail sales to commence at a later date.

The model was first shown to the worldwide audience during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and is a successor to the first Honda fuel cell vehicle – the FCX Clarity. The new Clarity has been aerodynamically optimized and the engineers managed to develop a more compact fuel cell stack, around 33 percent smaller than the one used by the predecessor. This means all the powertrain assembly will only fill the usual space – under the hood – and the cabin will have room for five persons this time around. The power is of 177 horsepower and the Clarity will come with a range of more than 300 miles. And as opposed to battery electrics, the refueling process will only take three to five minutes. More details concerning the model will be released by Honda as it nears the actual launch, with the automaker for now saying the Clarity will boast LED lights and 18-inch aluminum wheels, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality and a wide array of driver assistance systems.



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