US: how to keep your car safe from thieves image

Although there are numerous campaigns against it on a nationwide level, grand theft auto remains as popular in real life as in the world of computer gaming. So, let’s see some useful tips to prevent any hassle.

In the US alone, a car gets stolen every 44 seconds, and as the famous movie flick states it – a skilled thief needs 60 seconds or less to drive away in your prized possession. The trick is that you can avoid this – close to 50% of all theft opportunities relate to driver error, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

First off – remember to lock the car. That includes doors, but also windows – many motorists forget about them and allow an easy access point. Next up, don’t let your car running for simple errands – paying for gas or going into a local store – carjackers could be looking for an opportunity.

Then there’s the problem of break-ins – many drivers leave valuable items in cars, an invitation for thieves even if you plan on coming back to the car in just a few minutes. Don’t park your car in poor lit places and when at home – if possible – always keep it in the garage. To deter chop shops, etch your VIN number on parts of the car – doors, windows, etc.

If possible, opt for a new vehicle – as they are prone to come in with the latest safety technology, including immobilizers (which deny the good ol’ hotwire practice) or even SVRS – Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems.