US: Hyundai has patented… a folding city vehicle image

It appears the United States Patent and Trademark Office might be the source for some of the quirkiest vehicles out there – such as a Hyundai-logoed foldable city car.

The South Korean automaker looks in full swing – the Ioniq eco-conscious line is now getting up to speed with a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric vehicle, the Genesis luxury brand has presented its first prestigious automobile – the G90; and the research and development department is playing around with the idea of engineering a foldable city car. The sketches are sourced from a recent patent that was filed and published on January 14 and depict a foldable vehicle with a front floor that is attached to the front axle and the rear floor has been in turn linked to the rear wheels. The described hardware setup will enable a swift increase or decrease in the vehicle’s wheelbase by simply sliding the floors over and under each other.

The patent further reveals the windshield has the capability to turn forward/backward as it has been hinged to the front floor. A rear cabin part is also hinged to the floor and it also turns forward/backward. If the windshield and rear cabin parts are folded inward, the roof in itself can be taken off and stowed inside the car. If it’s not very obvious take a peek at the sketches as they paint the more relevant picture. This interesting idea might be a future solution for increasingly crowded cities where finding parking spaces becomes increasingly complicated.