US: Idaho is the best state for motorists, Louisiana the worst image

We all know that owning a vehicle is not all bells and whistles – you also have to pay for gasoline, insurance, maintenance and so many other little things. But there’s a catch, some of the US states are better than others on relieving at least in part all that financial “pain”.

According to the latest study on which are the best and worst states to be a motorist in, if you’re looking for less troubles when owning a vehicle you might consider living somewhere there are ample open spaces. The research has also factored in commute times, vehicle thefts and fatal crashes. And when the tally was over, Idaho emerged on top of all other states according to financial website, while Louisiana receives the shameful bottom position. The study contends that – with the traditional exceptions – the best life for a driver would be in rural areas of the country.

“Population density has a big effect on these rankings,” commented Chris Kahn,’s research and statistics analyst. “The best states for drivers have lots of wide-open spaces, whereas the worst states tend to be filled with people and cars – a bad combination for drivers’ wallets.”

Idaho has commute averaging less than 20 minutes, while insurance, gas and repair bills are very low. Additionally car thefts are below the national average rate and the only thing to worry about is that fatal crashes are a little above the national average. Rounding up the five best states to be a motorist in were Vermont, followed by Wyoming, Wisconsin and Minnesota. At the other end of the spectrum sat Louisiana, followed by New Jersey, Maryland, Texas and California.