US IIHS warns motorists over Independence Day dangers image

According to the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 4th of July is the deadliest day of the year for motorists and pedestrians as well.

Even if the 4th of July is a day of celebration for the Americans, it is also a day to be highly responsible, even if you are behind the wheel or just walking. An analysis conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety of the five most recent years of available fatal crash data shows that on average, more people die in motor vehicle crashes on Independence Day than any other day of the year. According to the fatal number, 118.4 lives are lost in crashes, 28 more deaths than the overall average daily toll during the 2010-14 period. The second “black” day is January 1, with an average of 118.2 deaths. Evidently and unfortunately, alcohol is the main factor behind the traffic fatalities on both July 4 and January 1.

IIHS said that 47 percent of the deaths on July 4 and 62 percent on January 1 involved at least one driver, pedestrian or bicyclist with a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.08g/dL, as the average across all days in these years was 35 percent for deaths in crashes involving alcohol. Motorcyclists have to be especially careful during the Independence Day, with an average of 26 deaths.

“Traveling on a major holiday is risky for many reasons,” says Chuck Farmer, the Institute’s vice president for research and statistical services. “In general, there are more people on the roads, and drivers may be navigating areas beyond their regular commuting routes. There’s a high incidence of alcohol use, which sharply raises the risk of crashing.”