US: Independence Day to be celebrated by road tripping image

The major July 4 Independence Day holiday is going to be the perfect occasion for Americans to hit the roads in record numbers, thanks to the improvements of the job market and the cheaper fuel prices lifting the desire to travel.

According to a prediction by the Heathrow, Florida-based AAA motoring club, around 35.5 million people will take trips of 50 miles or more from their home during the five days ending on July 5, surging from the 35.3 million seen last year and hitting the highest tally since before 2000. Also, the most since 2007, around 41.9 million Americans will travel using all available means of transportation. The surging driving pattern is an indicator of the healthier US economy, as it added at least three million jobs over the past twelve months. During the first five months of the year no less than a record 987.8 billion miles have been driven – and Americans will have the lowest priced gasoline on July 4 in half a decade as the oil market is flooded with crude from US shale formations.

Drivers will make up 85 percent of travelers across the holiday, said the AAA. “Rising income, driven by a strong employment market, is prompting more Americans to take a holiday trip this year,” commented the motoring club in a statement. “Despite recent seasonal increases, gas prices remain well below year-ago levels, which has helped boost Americans’ disposable income.” A gallon of regular gasoline was on average sold for $2.779 at pumps on Wednesday – 90 cents below the quotation for the same period a year ago, according to compiled figures.

Via Bloomberg