US: investors not overly impressed with Tesla’s recent announcements image

Following last week’s announcement that Tesla would introduce advanced driver assistance functions and an all-wheel drive version, investors allowed the company to slide to its lowest trading point in at least two months.

Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk managed to stir a big craze after he tweeted on Oct 1 to mysteriously create hype around the announcements. But, according to Bank of America – for example – the debuts were not surprising, took place “largely as expected,” and were foreseen by analysts and observers. That could lead more bullish investors loosing “some wind out of the sails,” mainly because some of the features introduced last week were on a “catch-up” trend.

Friday at the closing of Wall Street’s New York Stock Exchange Tesla’s shares dropped 7.8% to hit $236.91 – the lowest value since August 1. Overall though, the California-based electric car company has seen its stock value up 57% in 2014.

Starting at $120,170, the new Tesla Model comes with the new dual-motor, technology package, smart air suspension and 21-inch wheels, according to a company spokesperson. The problem seen by the analysts is that – except the astonishing performance (3.2 seconds to 60 mph for the P85D version) – all-wheel drive is a common option for Tesla’s rivals. And so are some of the driver assistance features. Totally new are just the combination of sensor array and software integration that allows the car to change lanes alone when the driver signals or the vehicle’s ability to feature its own valet mode and park itself in the garage or walk up to the owner.