US: it’s official – Corvette museum sinkhole to get the shovel and concrete treatment image

Not long ago, a Kentucky museum that has a love for Chevrolet’s Corvette sports car became notorious for a car-swallowing and tourist-attracting sinkhole that appeared out of nowhere. Today, the officials are ready to fill it up.

Back in February, a hole suddenly appeared (luckily no one was injured) and decide to “eat” eight prized possessions of the Corvette museum. Photographs and videos depicting the aftermath – crumpled cars that toppled like toys – quickly became an Internet hit. While the sinkhole appeared when the museum was closed, a security camera video of the floor’s drop was viewed more than 8 million times on YouTube. It also proved popularity can arise from such mishaps, as people attracted by the huge hole quickly increased attendance and revenue at the museum. The location, just an hour north of Nashville, Tennessee, cashed in on the unfortunate event by selling sinkhole-themed T-shirts, videos, postcards, and jars filled with sinkhole dirt and small pieces of car parts.

Now, after careful deliberations that included the idea of leaving the hole intact (dismissed for security reasons) or letting just part of it open, the museum officials decided to cover it up entirely. So, this week repair workers arrived on scene and began the work that should last around eight months and cost $3.2 million, according to museum Executive Director Wendell Strode.