US: January is forecasted as a hot winter month for auto sales image

The latest predictions from analysts and industry experts call for a seasonally adjusted, annualized selling rate of new cars and light trucks of 16.4 million to 16.6 million for the month – soaring from last year’s SAAR of 15.3 million and in line with 2014’s overall quota of 16.5 million.

According to the latest forecasts, 2015 could prove an even better year for auto sales than 2014, with US auto sales starting off strong in January – also owing to the fact that weather has not been as harsh as last year, when deep freeze kept shoppers out of dealerships. The largest US automaker, General Motors is expected to come up with gains in the 20 percent range, and both Ford and Chrysler should also come with double-digit increases. According to and Kelley Blue Book, this month’s new car and truck sales would be up around 13 percent from the same period of 2014, while LMC Automotive believes the surge to be 12 percent – and that would translate to the auto industry’s largest year-over-year rise since August 2013.

The month is also supported by the fact that that automaker are expected to reveal sales on February 3 as the sales made through February 2 will be counted in January’s tally and the month has an additional selling day and weekend over January 2014. The estimates point out towards a seasonally adjusted, annualized selling rate of 16.4 million to 16.6 million, though the month is typically a slow selling one and the variations have a larger impact on the SAAR – which is why the month is not typically considered an accurate indicator of the year’s overall performance.

Via Automotive News