US January sales: Asian carmakers join the freeze image

Toyota and Honda led the fall among the Asian carmakers in the US, blaming the fact on the coldest January in the last 20 years in the country.

Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, went down 7.2 % from January 2013, Honda sales slid 2.1 %, but Nissan enjoyed a good run and beat expectations by a good margin, posting a 12 % sales increase.

“Everybody’s saying that it was weather-related, and that’s true,” Alan Baum, an analyst at Baum & Associates in West Bloomfield, Michigan, said in an interview. “January is always a bit of a slow month because of the incentives in December. Nissan is a little bit of a sleeper.”

According to Commodity Weather Group LLC, this was the coldest January in the US since 1994, so Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other automakers still forecast annual sales to exceed 16 million vehicles, better than 2013’s 15.6 million.

Among the other Asian carmakers, Hyundai and its Kia sibling said combined sales went up 1.3 %, Mazda announced it dipped 12 % to 18,813, while Mitsubishi went up 4.5 % to 4,867 units. The healthiest of them all was Subaru, which jumped 19 %, delivering 33,000 cars and crossovers.

Via Bloomberg