US: Jeep recalling around 32,000 Cherokee models over liftgate problems image

Fiat Chrysler US has issued a recall for some Jeep’s Cherokee SUVs to install improved shields that better protect some parts from moisture.

FCA US said that an estimated 32, 784 SUVs in the US have to be fitted with improved shields that better protect their power liftgate control modules, and related components, from moisture. Shields used for vehicles produced after February 18, 2015, functioned as a moisture barrier for the bottom sections of liftgate control modules. The intent was to protect the modules from the most likely sources of moisture exposure, a condition that may lead to short-circuit, creating a fire hazard. The automaker says two complaints from owners led to an investigation of the matter. The probe determined improved shields developed for a June recall affecting vehicles produced before February 18 provide greater protection.

FCA US said it is unaware of any related injuries or accidents. This latest campaign affects certain model-year 2015 and 2016 Jeep Cherokee SUVs, but is limited to vehicles equipped with power liftgates. An estimated 10,138 customers are affected in Canada, along with an estimated 924 in Mexico and 11,841 outside the NAFTA region. All affected customers will be advised when they may schedule service. If the modules show signs of water exposure, they will be replaced. All recall-related work will be performed free of charge. In the interim, the cargo areas of 2015 Cherokees equipped with power liftgates should be monitored and kept dry.