US judge doesn’t ask GM to “park” recalled cars image

In a federal ruling a US judge decided not to issue an emergency order that would have had the 2.6 million cars involved in GM’s ignition switch recall set on the “park” mode.

In a hearing in Corpus Christi, Texas, District Court Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos decided to take some more time to consider the ruling in the requested “stop drive order” – saying it needs to carefully study the documents submitted by attorneys of two complaining owners and those coming from the automaker.

The owners called the judge to issue the order that would ground all 2.6 million cars involved in the scandal around the defective ignition switch – calling them a threat to everyone’s security – while GM told through its submitted documents the cars are safe as long as nothing is attached to the key in the ignition.

So far, along with the 2.6 million cars equipped with the switch – which could in certain condition inadvertently trigger the engine to stop while driving (including at highway speeds) and also lose critical safety systems like assisted steering, assisted braking and even airbags; GM has issued recall orders for almost 7 million cars in 2014 – which is actually matching the number of vehicles recalled for the whole 2013.

Via Reuters