US June’s model sales winners image

While so far in recent months pickup trucks and SUVs have been driving up the sales in the US new car market, June brought in some surprises.

For once – the best selling and long-time industry segment leader Ford F-150 dipped 11% last month, although it comfortably maintained its top position, ahead of the Chevrolet Silverado. The F-150 led the best selling vehicle list in June, followed by the Silverado and third placed Toyota Camry. Up fourth came Ram’s 1500 pickup, which had a 12% increase, but didn’t come close to Camry’s 13.4% growth.

On the other hand, the June sales saw a rather unexpected increase in demand for the smaller and high-mileage cars, while plug-in vehicles gained some much-needed momentum. Toyota had its well-known hybrid – the Prius – on the 17th spot on the best selling model list, while the Corolla came seventh.

While usually pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers make up around half of the sales on the US market in recent months, this time around on the top 20 list there were 12 sedans, coupes and hatchbacks.

When it comes to battery vehicles and plug-in hybrids, without making into the top 20, the Leaf led the charge last month – the electric only model sold 2,347 units for its best June ever. Second – surprisingly – came Tesla with around 1,800 estimated sales, which puts it ahead of the usual second placed Chevrolet Volt (1,770), which had a whopping 34% decrease over the same month last year.