US: Kansas City could turn into a safe haven for electric autos image

The town is famous for many things, such as cattle, barbecue or jazz, but never before for being overly committed to the automotive industry. Let alone the green vehicle movement – until now.

At the start of the year, Kansas City Power & Light showcased a massive strategy to have at least 1,000 electric vehicle charging outlets across its service area, covering not only Kansas City, but also an area of the rural western Missouri and eastern Kansas. Worth $20 million, the KCP&L has set its Clean Charge Network as the nervous center for electric vehicle hotspots in the area – even outpacing traditional green zones such as California in the race of having an appropriate EV support infrastructure. This could be the right way of solving the chicken-and-egg conundrum that has made electric car wannabe owners become range “anxious”. Automakers, such as Nissan, a sponsor of the network, have been severely hampered in their attempts to promote the new energy vehicles as customers feared they would run out of power before reaching another recharge station if they were to far spread apart.

The Clean Charge Network, which was announced back in January, would at first have 1,001 stations with 240 volt and 15 direct current fast-recharge spots. Each station would be capable of handling two electric vehicles at once. KCP&L has already 150 units ready and wants to finish building the rest before the year’s end. Utilities are hoping that electric vehicle sales would fend off the decline in electrical usage, in order to be able to compensate running costs.

Via Automotive News