US: Koenigsegg starts local sales image

After it first revealed back in March it’s returning to the US market after a six years stint, the Swedish supercar automaker Koenigsegg has now started selling its seven figure “jewels”.

Marking its return to the American market, Koenigsegg also decided to make its first appearance ever at the New York International Auto Show last month, where it showcased the Agera R – a dream machine with 1,140 hp, carbon fiber body and a very nice price of well over $1 million.

The company now announced that its new local dealer is Manhattan Motorcars, which is experienced in selling exotic rides, as it managed to finish a two years long process of certification to comply with emission standards and Federal safety rules.

“For us to have a serious dealer in the U.S. means that we can plow more money into certification because we know we have a long term partner that will sell cars for many years to come. Also its a huge advantage for owners when it comes to servicing,” said Jens Sverdrup, regional director and head of sales for America, Europe and Russia.

With Koenigsegg having made its first certification in December, Sverdrup forecasts the small series manufacturer could sell three to six cars this year. There are also plans for more dealerships, but not in the near future, with the company prospecting regions like California, Florida and the Midwest. Besides the US, Koenigsegg also plans to grow the total number of global dealerships from 14 to 20 by the end of 2014.

Via Forbes