US: LA Auto Show coming with massive roster of world debuts image

Next month’s LA motor show is promising massive public traffic, California sunshine, numerous world debuts and even a technology expo, with organizers saying the global debut roster includes 30 new vehicles.

The 2015 event will start in a less traditional way – with the Connected Car Expo on November 17 and kicking off with the media days on 18 and 19 – with general audience allowed between November 20 and 29. “This year’s news comes from many sources, and it’s fascinating to witness the dramatic and swift changes that are transforming the automotive business,” commented Lisa Kaz, the show’s president. Important world debuts that have already been announced include Buick’s LaCrosse sedan, the convertible variant of the Range Rover Evoque, a new Nissan Sentra, Porsche’s GT4 Clubsport, or Mitsubishi’s 2017 Mirage and 2016 Outlander Sport. There are also other revelations rumored – Fiat’s cabrio model based on the Mazda MX-5 Miata, the all new Mazda CX-9 crossover or a small Scion crossover. Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, Volvo and Volkswagen have also promised global introductions, but details are not yet available.

Naturally, the LA Auto Show also brings the full spectrum of models heading to North America that have already been premiered during the Frankfurt show in September or next week’s Tokyo event. “It’s not just about new vehicles anymore,” adds Brendan Flynn, vice president of marketing for the L.A. Auto Show. “The underlying theme is where the auto industry is headed.” The LA auto show is also different from the other US events because it’s not owned by a dealer association – it’s privately owned by ANSA Productions, with the independence allowing it to cast light easier on the evolving automotive industry.

Via Automotive News