US: latest recall pushes record over 40 million cars image

Ever since February’s GM recall of the 2.6 million cars equipped with the deadly ignition switches, the auto industry has been boiling – making 2014 the year of the recall.

Next to General Motors’ crisis, already well known to us all – in which besides calling back many old models the company also swept through almost all of its current line-up – there’s also the issue with the second largest safety parts maker in the world – Takata Corp. and its prone to explode airbag inflators.

In the US alone, the latest recall, issued by Subaru for more than 660,000 cars that have brake problems, has put the tally for the overall industry north of 40 million cars. That’s a huge difference from the previous record of 33.01 million vehicles recalled in all of 2004. And we’re just half way through the year.

Even putting GM’s jaw dropping figure aside – the No. 1 US automaker has recalled 25.7 million vehicles until now, and more could follow – the auto industry was anyways on pace to exceed the record, as it looks like increasingly that automakers have all found a sudden interest in revising their vehicles for hidden flaws.

While the buyers don’t seem so far deterred by the incredible number of recalls, there could be damage to the brand’s names in the long run – as even the Japanese automakers, long heralded for their incredible quality, have had a long line of recalls this year.