US: lead attorneys for GM ignition switch suits appointed image

General Motors, who is facing at least 100 cases in the Southern District of New York, now knows its adversaries, as US District Judge Jesse Furman appointed the lead counsels of the trial.

The litigation against the No. 1 US automaker has been brought in the court in relation to the company’s mishandling of a recall covering 2.6 million cars equipped with potentially fatal ignition switches. The faulty part allows the engine to cut off mid-driving, causing a life-threatening loss of critical safety systems, including the airbags.

“I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to the bottom of the fraud and who’s responsible for a generation’s worth of losses,” said one of the three lead counsels.

Judge Jesse Furman, tasked to oversee the myriad of cases (they were reunited from all corners of the US) has appointed attorneys Steve Berman, Elizabeth Cabraser and Robert Hilliard to co-lead the trial. The first two have prior experience in leading cases brought against Toyota after its unintended acceleration issue arose. The latter, a Texas plaintiffs’ attorney, was among the first in the US to sue GM after the carmaker announced the ignition switch recall in February. The automaker is also facing numerous federal inquiries, from various US safety regulators to the country’s Congress.

Via Reuters