US: Los Angeles motorists lose $2,500 annually according to study image

A report compiled by TRIP, a Washington transportation research group, sees Los Angeles’ drivers spending no less than $2,458 per year because of poor road infrastructure.

The authors of the study also painted a grim picture for the state of California, as the state’s population (already the most populous in the country) is still growing and the unemployment rate has reached 7.4%.

“Roads and bridges that are deficient, congested or lack desirable safety features cost California motorists a total of $44 billion statewide annually,” comments the report. “California must improve its system of roads, highways and bridges to foster economic growth and keep businesses in the state. In addition to economic growth, transportation improvements are needed to ensure safe, reliable mobility and quality of life for all Californians.“

According to TRIP, 34% of California’s major roads and highways are rated to be in poor condition, meaning they have obvious signs of deterioration – and many of them need to be reconstructed. Additionally, Los Angeles and San Francisco drivers lose no less than 61 years per year to congestion – that’s more than two full days. All California motorists need to pay a total of $17 billion annually when it comes to additional vehicle operating costs.

Via Business Insider