U.S. luxury auto sales: Mercedes surpasses BMW in October image

According to the recent official figures, in October Mercedes Benz sold more cars in USA than its traditional German rival BMW.

According to the official figures, Mercedes sold 22,637 vehicles (+23%) compared to the 21,873 vehicles (+13%) sold by BMW.

On a cumulative basis, for the full year seems like BMW is still on the first place in sales, with 199,552 units sold. Mercedes Benz registered 192,695 vehicles sold during the first 10 months of 2011.

While BMW had to increase incentive by 35% in order to encourage demand, Mercedes took advantage of the additional quality offered by its newer products and even decreased discounts by 15%. Its sales were boosted by an 88 percent increase in the demand of top-selling Mercedes C-Class.

Regarding the October’s performances of the other competitors on the U.S. luxury auto market, it must be said that Lexus registered a sales decrease of 14%, reaching 18,092 units sold in October, while GM’s Cadillac registered a 12% fell in sales, to 11,975 vehicles.