US luxury sales post strong gains image

Just as mainstream buyers have increased consumer spending last month, so did premium car buyers, allowing the likes of BMW and Mercedes post strong gains for the month.

Almost all luxury brands posted strong increases, thanks to increased consumer confidence and the advent of more affordable compact offerings, while the SUVs and crossover have proven ever more fashionable.

BMW managed to grow deliveries in May through a 17% jump (as the SUV gains reached 81%) that led to a sales total of 29,602 units. Meanwhile, the 2013 leader – Mercedes-Benz saw a more modest 7.7% increase – led by gains of the E and S Classes – to a tally of 26,617 cars. The ongoing first place war for 2014 now sees BMW as the leader, with its headcount exceeding that of the Daimler rival by more than 2,000 autos – BMW sold so far 127,181 cars (+12%) and Mercedes-Benz only 125,118 units (+6.5%).

Toyota’s Lexus brand – for many years the undisputed ruler of the US luxury segment managed a comeback last month, besting Mercedes with a 21% increase in sales for a total of 26,921 cars.

Volkswagen AG’s Audi unit, the world’s second largest premium automaker, managed to rise in May no less than 25%, although its 16,601 units total is far from what the other two rival German brands make each month. The four rings automaker managed in the first five months of the year to increase sales by 11% to a total of 67,482 cars.

General Motors Cadillac unit is trailing Audi closely, posting a 6.4% increase to 14,688 vehicles last month, aided by increases across almost all its line-up.

Via Bloomberg