The Tesla Model S premium electric sedan has grown 59 percent in deliveries during the third quarter, outselling the main rivals coming from Germany – Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

Additionally, the Californian automaker is actually jumping in terms of leadership, being now two times more popular than the Mercedes S Class or the BMW 7 Series. Actually, data from IHS Markit for the third quarter of the year shows the Model S is outselling in the United States the two German sedans even if they combine their deliveries. Tesla has delivered 9,156 Model S examples, while the BMW 7 Series was sold in 3,634 units and the Mercedes S Class in 3,138 examples. Audi meanwhile, managed to move just 1,532 A7 models.

Meanwhile, the only two models growing during the third quarter are the Model S and the BMW 7 Series – but the all-electric sedan now commands 34 percent of the luxury market with its 59-percent increase in deliveries. With the all-new generation, the German competitor has 14 percent of the market with a massive jump of 219 percent. The Model S sales were also assisted by the April refresh and during the summer new battery options also appeared, among them the flagship P100D and the base 60 kWh option.

Via IHS, Electrek, and Bloomberg


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