U.S. may become Rolls Royce biggest market in 2012 image

China has overtaken the US for the first time to become Rolls-Royce’s largest market in 2011, the company said on Monday.

However, Yet Torsten Müller-tvs, a BMW veteran, expressed confidence in a resurgence of growth in North America, saying he would not be surprised if sales in the United States accelerated ahead of China in 2012.,

“I think the American market will definitely pick up. It depends on the economy and the U.S. market. There are encouraging signals we are seeing,” he told Reuters.

In the official figures Rolls Royce revealed they’d sold 3,538 luxury cars over the course of 2011 which is the most it’s ever sold in the space of 12 months in the company’s entire 107 year history.

The surging sales were driven by demand from China and the United States, it the company said in a statement, with 47 per cent year-over-year growth in Asia-Pacific, 17 per cent in North America and 23 per cent in the Middle East.

“Our business is in excellent shape. We are developing our dealer network, moving into newmarkets like South America, expanding our manufacturing operation in West Sussex to meet globaldemand and plan to develop our product range.”