US: May sales increase largely due to pickups and SUVs image

The US auto industry has seen a rising pace last month, with automakers having positive results thanks to a record month of May, with a tally of 1,634,952 light vehicles, the best ever for the particular period.

And once more, as the gasoline prices remained at relatively low levels, sales were spectacular when it comes to crossovers, sport utility vehicles and America’s sweetheart segment – pickups. The latter pocket of strength came in all flavors – big and small, affordable or pricey. May sales for the pickup segment overall had a total of 220,010 units, soaring by eight percent from the same period last year. The tally for the entire market was of just 1.6 percent and it’s particularly impressive since the traditional best-seller, the Ford F-Series is still gearing up for action across the F-150 line and was down for the month. Without Ford’s negative contribution, the segment’s sales would have jumped 17 percent last month. Ford’s dealer had massive inventory shortages as the F-Series sales were hindered by the low production quota of the aluminum-intensive F-150, which is still gathering momentum at production level in plants.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet’s Silverado deliveries were up 11 percent to 51,602 – the model’s second best month ever after December 2007. The Toyota Tundra came up with the best May since 2008. And the returning smaller trucks from GM look like a winning bet – the Colorado was the best since August 2006 and the GMC Canyon since July 2005. “There’s a lot of compelling product in the pickup category, and consumers are clearly responding,” comments analyst Jessica Caldwell. And the once doomed small size pickup segment looks ready to pick up the pieces, without even eating into the customer base of the bigger brethren.

Via Automotive News