US: Mercedes-Benz outsold once again its main premium rivals image

Daimler’s premium brand has increased its US sales lead over Lexus and BMW this year so, despite a negative month.

Mercedes-Benz reported sales of 29,299 vehicles in May, down 1.0 percent for the month, but a strong demand for its SUVs kept the slip from going further, as it posted a 63.5 percent surge for its GLC and GLK models and a 44.6 percent jump for GL and GLS. The brand’s volume leader continued to be the C-Class compact sedan with 6,954 units, down 6.2 percent. Despite the slight decline in sales for May, Mercedes’ rivals had even more accentuated drops. BMW brand sales decreased 6.4 percent to 29,017 vehicles, while Lexus fell by 10 percent to 26,682 units. “May finished at a lower than ideal supply for our luxury utility vehicles, a sign of continued demand, though likely limiting our full sales potential,” said Jeff Bracken, Lexus group vice president and general manager.

It was a slow month for the whole auto industry in the United States, as the overall volume shrunk by 6.1 percent to 1.5 million vehicles, the biggest monthly fall since August 2010. However, the sport utility vehicle segment is still keeping its steady pace, but not for BMW. Even if its Sports Activity models gave a boost to May with the new X1 leading the way and increasing 93.9 percent, the X3 was up by 28.0 percent and the X6 jumped 26.0 percent, its SUVs fell 6 percent. Lexus reported a 3.4 percent increase in the segment, helped by a 10 percent gain for the new RX.

After five months, Mercedes has sold 134,304 branded vehicles, Lexus reached 125,785 units, while BMW is trailing with 124,581 models delivered.