US: Mercedes-Benz to increase supply of entry-level CLA image

The German premium automaker, ranked third in the world, enjoys a great ride in the US, rising month after month together with the overall auto market in general and the luxury segment in particular.

And the great results are owned to one model in particular – the sub-$30,000 CLA compact sedan – a model that has been in short supply since its introduction, more than a year ago. Mercedes-Benz, once the undisputed ruler of the luxury world, was relegated to third place in a matter of years and has been fighting to regain its place ever since.

Now, according to Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Mercedes’ parent Daimler, help is coming at the bottom line – besides the introduction of the new GLA compact crossover, the company has also worked its German magic to increase the production of the entry-level luxury compact sedan. That means the model will reach US shores in augmented numbers, but the Chie executive declined to offer an exact tally.

So far, the US supply of CLA cars has been below the 10 days threshold – which in automotive talk means it’s sold out – and Daimler’s CEO Zetsche even claims the maker could have doubled the number of sold CLAs if it had enough.

According to Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Steve Cannon, the automaker’s desire is to “get ‘em young, wow them with the best experience in the business and keep them for life.”

He also added that as customers entered dealerships to see the CLA, when finding that it was on short supply many of them opted to move up the ladder and leave with a brand new C-Class.