US: Mercedes-Benz’s Evolution Tour coming back this year image

With auto sales ready to hinge on the next generation – the millennials – any brand attempting to reach them will know they’re only impressed by the ones going their way, and doing it in a surprising, authentic – even fun – way.

Mercedes-Benz, the third largest luxury automaker in the world but a constant top grossing brand in the United States – the world’s largest market for premium autos – has been hard at work doing that. One way to market their appeal – music. Last year they implemented a countrywide tour called the Evolution Tour, which associated the German luxury automaker with some of the coolest names in the music industry – the ones that reasoned with the rising blog-reading, music-streaming culture. Now the company is back with the 2015 edition of the Evolution Tour, which have as headlines some of the biggest favorites among the 18-34 year old potential customers – Passion Pit and Bastille.

The edition this year is set to begin on June 23 in New York City and will then have stops Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Austin – with fans looking to score the concerts happy to find out the tickets are actually free. There’s a catch though, the passes for one of the five shows can be had after the company launches its social media campaign and via test drives of the automaker’s models. In line with other noteworthy festivals around the world, each stop over will be filled with local musicians, while on the sidelines there will also be art and fashion-related activities.

Via Forbes