US: Mercedes played the image card with Super Bowl ad image

The biggest game in America – the Super Bowl, attracted a record audience in America this year, with 114.5 million viewers – so the automakers that invested the cash must feel pretty good now.

Among them, Mercedes-Benz, which last year lost leadership of the premium segment to archrivals BMW. So, even though they have a number of top-selling vehicles they could promote – they chose a car that very few people will buy, though many will desire. The German automaker chose a slick animation that took the old tortoise-and-hare fable for a spin – with the reptile being snug past the bunny to the finish line in their newest sports car – the Mercedes-AMG GT. Looking almost rated “R”, the new model has been devised by Mercedes as an anti-Porsche 911 weapon. “Introducing the hare-raising power and performance of the Mercedes AMG-GT. It’s no fairy tale,” appropriately called the ending Jon Hamm as the voiceover. Mercedes seems to have changed the page from 2013’s ad where it featured the CLA model – which has been so highly sought that dealerships scream and battle for more allocations, accounting for at least 10% of the brand’s sales in the US.

With a price starting at $129,900, the new AMG GT – replacing the even more pricier SLS-AMG ($220,000) – will never break sales records. But with a corporate stable of 503 ponies, the latest Mercedes rocket ship will serve as one of the best brand ambassadors an automaker can get. And getting an ad during the Super Bowl was one of the best ways the American consumer could find out about the latest flagship.

Via Bloomberg