US: midlife crisis cars also appealing to women image

Just as the universe is believed to be infinite, so is the midlife crisis believed to be inevitable. While many people react to it differently – they journey to India, change careers, draw a bucket list – it’s a known fact that a majority would go for their dream car.

And according to a new research conducted by CarMax, a large US dealerhips, at least one in four adults would consider buying a new car as a response to the midlife crisis. Surprisingly, the car-scenario works for both men and women, though the study – conducted on 1,005 persons – showed the type of car is not necessarily befitting the classic TV and movie-induced image. “People envision marking this new stage of their lives by buying the type of vehicle they’ve always wanted,” comments Cliff Wood, CarMax executive vice president of stores. Men are, just as tradition calls for, more likely to purchase a car as a solution to the midlife crisis – 30% of them and only 21% when it comes to women. The choices are wide and almost entire opposites: men still believe that sports cars are a go, while women would choose a more practical SUV. Sedans ranked third.

When it comes to model favorites, the usual suspects are easy to spot: the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette. It’s still hard to tell if both ranked at the top because they just underwent through a complete changeover – which people on the verge of the midlife crisis could identify with easily. Again, the survey made by market research firm Ipsos, found a curious fact – women usually want the flashy red paint job and men opt for black. Next up were silver, gray and blue – popular choices for both genders – while yellow ranked at the bottom in both cases.