US Military Plans to Acquire 1,300 All-Purpose Vehicles image

Systems Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) tries to close a deal with the US military for a vehicle to meet the demands for “transportability, mobility, modularity and technology”.

After the GP and the Hummer, General Dynamics offers the modular Land Systems Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) that is able to meet all the US military standards. The GMV 1.1 can fit in a standard aircraft, is quick and safe both on-and off-road and can easily adapt to existing technologies. If you did not know, General Dynamics is the one that produced the Stryker, showcased in Las Vegas at SEMA.

The GMV 1.1’s engine was center-mounted to offer better weight distribution and the body can be upgraded as technology evolves. General dynamics declared that the vehicle underwent a two-year testing period and passed all user trials at the U.S. Army’s proving grounds, revealing the viability of the design.

The U.S. Special Operations Command wants to acquire 1,300 vehicles that are able to meet the demands for “transportability, mobility, modularity and technology”, this means that the vehicle has to be transported easily by air, has weapons capacity and offers high mobility. The contract will be awarded in January 2013.