US: need for speed is not always equal to need for money image

With sales roaring towards record highs it’s easy to forget that not all consumers have the same financial power that would allow them to purchase the desired new ride – especially with average prices soaring towards new historic levels.

So, if a tentative car buyer will find out that finances are not in order for the new ride purchase, they might revert to biking or using the metro to get to work. But there are solutions to such predicaments. Any prospective buyer should carefully asses the auto market because sometimes the very essence of the type of vehicle he or she wants could be wrapped in a more affordable package than earlier believed. Because of the roaring sales, automakers have also been eager to deliver a myriad of vehicles – some of them having the same attributes but with a price tag that can turn the driver towards personal bankruptcy. So, let’s see five budget offerings that might do the same trick as much pricier rides.

Have a go at the Fiat 500 instead of the Mini Cooper – you could save close to $4,000. The Italian minicar is underpowered but will compensate that with being lighter and both have more than enough personality. Try a Kia Soul instead of a Honda CR-V and you will incur savings of more than $7,700 – both of them are compact crossovers that can be fitted as an optional extra with all-wheel drive. The Soul comes with less cargo space, though and compensates that with a funkier personality. While shopping around for a Mercedes-Benz CLS or BMW 6 Series, try the Mercedes-Benz CLA. The savings will be of more than $40,000 and the result almost the same – you get a stylish and capable four-door coupe. Another luxury predicament – the Cadillac XTS can be swapped for a Chevrolet Impala and for savings of more than $13,000 – much of the underlying architecture is shared and even the 305-horsepower, 3.6-liter V6 engine is the same. Going for a full blown SUV? Don’t go home in a Land Rover Range Rover Sport, try the Ford Explorer and save more than $33,000.