US: Nevada to support Tesla Gigafactory with “electric highway” image

The state best known for the sprawling gambling industry is also a major player in the future of the automotive industry as of recent, pushing for leadership in a changing environment.

The State of Nevada has been the first to officially license autonomous vehicles and is also the state where Tesla is constructing its new battery Gigafactory – envisioned as the planet’s largest factory producing Li-Ion batteries. Now, Governor Brian Sandoval has recently announced the state’s decision to plan the Nevada Electric Highway. The project will feature a network of charging stations alongside US 95, between Reno – where Tesla’s plant is under construction and the gaming center of Las Vegas. “We’ve all driven this road before and have anxiety (just) getting gas,” said Sandoval. “Now we can have confidence to charge our electric vehicles and drive them from place to place.” The 450 miles trip between Reno and Las Vegas would equal to a more than seven hours of driving along a region that is not very populated. A typical electric vehicle would need four or five stops to recharge just to complete the journey – and even the Model S with the biggest range would need one stopover.

The Nevada Electric Highway would bring five new charging stations en route, to complement the battery of 150 locations already available across the state and the state officials are also talking with Tesla to establish more fast chargers – the company’s Superchargers – though the latter only work with the automaker’s Model S luxury sedan. Each US 95 station would have one DC fast charger and two slower Level 2 chargers using 220-volt AC.