US: never mind IAA 2015 in Frankfurt, here are the hot debuts at the LA auto show image

The annual auto show season is ready to deliver its autumn goodies – first during the 2015 IAA Frankfurt motor show in Europe and then across the ocean at the 2015 LA Auto Show.

Just in a week or so the manufacturers will swarm in Frankfurt, Germany but many of them are already looking into the future towards the Los Angeles venue – a regular and feisty US automotive extravaganza. And it appears the show will be as big as its earlier counterparts, with preliminary data showcasing around 50 new introductions, with close to 30 world debuts. Most automakers are being secretive about their plans for Frankfurt, let alone Los Angeles, but some of them did slip some of the goodies list.

For example, Infiniti appears ready to deliver the all new QX30 crossover just two months after its brethren, the compact Q30 hatchback would be revealed to the public in Germany. Fiat Chrysler is also looking to take center stage with a global debut – sources from within the company point towards the Fiat 124 Spider – the model based on the acclaimed new generation of the Mazda MX-5 Miata. The latter are also forecasted to deliver a worldwide first – the new CX-9 sport utility vehicle. Speaking of rather niche manufacturers, Volvo will also come with an all-new flagship, the S90 sedan, less than a year after they presented the second generation XC90 crossover.

The Los Angeles auto show was once a second-tier automotive event but has recouped the gap in recent years mainly thanks to the fact that California is not only the most populous state in the US but also the single biggest automotive region in the country. The venue is also known for its extremes – may high-performance autos wile be on display next to the newest green machines.