While driving needs one to have a certain level of consciousness in terms of personal and general safety, taking the car keys from an elderly parent or relative is usually one of the most traumatic events in life, for both parties involved.

That could mean the last show of independence is over for someone that might have been a great life-long motorist and the latest studies also show how the move has a significant impact on the aging persons health, both emotionally and physically. According to a report coming from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and Columbia University, seniors that were distressed by the sudden lack of vehicular mobility are twice more inclined towards depression and the chances of ending up in a long-term care facility jump fivefold. The study also says the recessed mobility also results in faster loss of cognitive abilities, diminished productivity and low participation in daily activities. Fortunately, automakers – who would envision anyone driving under any circumstance – have come up with certain solutions, including features that might be very useful for a senior.

First off, after searching for a set of wheels that fits the needs and budget, you should also look into having these amenities. Keyless entry and start is one feature that signals commodity, but here can make a big difference. In the same category sit powered and remote operated trunks and liftgates. Heated seats and steering wheel are great if the driver lives in a colder state. Digital speedometer and/or head up display will ease reading the most crucial information in just one take. The navigation system, with voice operation functions could be just what the “doctor” ordered.

Via Forbes


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