US: New Jersey and Oregon in race to allow self-serve at gasoline stations image

The only two states today that don’t allow motorists to pump themselves the gasoline in their vehicle, New Jersey and Oregon, could be in a race to be the first to lose that particularity.

According to a couple of New Jersey’s lawmakers, legislation has been recently proposed to offer the possibility for drivers to opt for self or full service at gasoline stations – and the legislation is appearing just a month later than one similar measure to allow drivers in certain parts of Oregon to serve themselves has been positively voted by the House of Representatives. The interdiction to self-serve gasoline at the refill stations has been enforced in New Jersey and Oregon for more than half a century due to safety issues. According to Senator Gerald Cardinale, a Republican from Cresskill, filling up with gasoline is “now far safer then when New Jersey’s ban on self-service was enacted.” Cardinale and Senator Paul Sarlo, a Democrat from Wood-Ridge, believe their legislation proposal would create the basis for voluntary self-service and would still need stations that have at least one full-service island for the next three years. Customers could then have the option of filling up with discounted gas at self-service stations, while the persons with disabilities would be granted full service at the same price.

As of last year, the lower prices of gasoline have triggered a spike in consumption across the country, with US motorists also seeking to exchange their older vehicles with new crossovers, pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles.

Via Bloomberg