The US state of New Mexico filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen AG and its premium divisions over the automaker’s excess diesel emissions that were affecting 11 millions of cars worldwide.

After Texas, West Virginia and Harris County, Texas, another US state is filing a complaint against the German automaker over the emissions scandal. New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said the state sued Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi and their US subsidiaries last week in a district court, for violations of the state’s air quality standards act and deceptive marketing campaigns. The lawsuit claims that between 4,000 and 10,000 cars fitted with the cheating device were delivered in New Mexico, the prosecutors asking for damages.

“Supported by a massive advertising campaign, defendants claimed that superior engineering allowed their cars to perform better, consume less fuel and emit fewer harmful pollutants than diesel cars of the past, making them a great fit for eco-conscious consumers. In fact, the complete opposite was true,” the lawsuit says.

Volkswagen also faces investigations by 48 US state attorneys, some of those officials criticizing the company for citing German law to withhold emails and other documents. Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen said earlier this month it was “frustrating” that “despite public statements professing cooperation … Volkswagen is, in fact, resisting cooperation by citing German law.” Earlier this month, the Justice Department sued VW for violating the Clean Air Act, seeking up to 46 billion dollars in fines. The automaker faces more than 500 civil suits that have been consolidated before a federal judge in California.


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