US: New York is the best state for teen drivers image

With the summer on its way now and holidays up and running, more teenagers will go through their first maturity step and get their drivers license than at any point during the year.

The latest study on the habits of teen drivers points out their impact on US roads will be the least felt in New York than in any other state, with the Empire State having the best possible combination of factors for the inexperienced new drivers to be safe and successful when taking the steering wheel, says a research conducted by On the other end of the spectrum sits South Dakota. Vehicle crashes in the US are the leading cause of death among people aged 16 through 19 – which is also the age group with the highest crash risk – during the summer when the vast majority of teenagers downs more driving than any point during the year an average of 250 teens will lose their life in car crashes. The website used 16 factors to assess the driving conditions for teens in the 50 US states, with categories ranging from safety conditions, economic environment to driving laws in each state.

The rest of the ten best states to have teens driving in, besides New York, are: Oregon
Massachusetts; Hawaii; Delaware; Illinois; Connecticut; Nevada; Rhode Island and New Jersey. The bottom five had South Dakota, Missouri, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana. The lowest figures for teen fatalities was achieved in Connecticut, the lowest rate of DUIs was in Alabama and the lowest average cost of auto repairs was in Nebraska. The best insurance premium when adding a teen driver was found in Hawaii.