US: NHTSA ends Ford Super Duty probe without recall image

We regularly hear about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recalls on US models, but sometimes we should also report about models who had a close call – like today’s probe on Ford Super Duty trucks.

The US safety regulators, saying they didn’t find a safety defect, have decided to close an investigation into steering failures on some Ford Super Duty models, which was opened in May last year after receiving complaints about steering gear box failures in F-250 and F-350 models.

The US company, which is currently America’s second biggest carmaker, and relies heavily on its truck business for holding up its sales, received, together with the NHTSA a total of 149 complaints regarding the problem.

The NHTSA investigation was triggered on circa 340,000 trucks from the 2008 model year, with lab tests of failed parts finding no fatigue evidence, while the analysis conducted on complaint rates showing no evidence of a pattern of manufacturing quality issues. Also, the US safety agency said that many complaints were related to crashes that involved trucks hitting curbs and other objects, suggesting that actually the crashes caused the ensuing steering failures.