US: NHTSA increases Takata airbags’ recall total to almost 8 million vehicles image

In just a few days, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has counted a massive tally of vehicles from several brands that need to visit the dealerships to change potentially defective airbags made by Japan’s Takata Corp.

The federal auto safety regulator has also issued a notice, urging owners of affected vehicles to undertake the necessary action immediately, as some of the recall campaigns issued in 2013 have not been finalized yet. This follows Toyota and GM’s separate warnings for owners of affected cars to refrain from taking passengers in the front. Following NHTSA’s advice to bring cars back to services, the agency’s related recall search tool crashed after it was assaulted by motorists.

Now, the NHTSA has said the tally of vehicles equipped with the faulty airbags has gone up to 7.8 million units, all involved in recall campaigns issued last year or in 2014. The Washington-based regulator added to the total recalls made by Ford, which were previously not included. Other automakers that had vehicles equipped with Takata-produced airbags include Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, Chrysler and General Motors.

According to an ongoing investigation from the safety agency, in high humidity areas airbags made by the Japanese supplier are prone to failure, with the inflator improperly sealed and in danger to explode with too much force, sending metal debris at high velocity inside the cabin.

Via Bloomberg