US: NHTSA probes older model year Chevrolet Impala image

General Motors seems unable to shed the safety problems that originated with the reveal that 2.6 million cars equipped with a potentially fatal ignition switch were recalled at least a decade later.

Facing numerous probes, ranging from the US Congress to various safety regulators, the No.1 US automaker embarked on a never before seen safety campaign. It also triggered ongoing recalls of 29 million cars this year. Yet, it appears there are still models that have not been thoroughly revised yet.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it moved to open an investigation into older 2008 Chevrolet Impalas – around 320,000 of them, and they will also review 2007 and 2009 Impalas for the same reason.

Back in June, GM recalled all Impalas from model years 2006-2014 for the same reason as the 2.6 million cars in February – ignition issues that could lead to airbags not deploying. The NHTSA probe covers a different issue, although it’s still related to the airbags.

According to the safety regulator, after receiving a customer complaint and “in an abundance of caution,” the NHTSA will move to specifically investigate the controlling software that governs the passenger-side air bag deployment. According to the complaint, in a Texas crash that involved a 2008 Impala, the driver airbag deployed, while the passenger side malfunctioned, although both seats were occupied.

Via Reuters