US: NHTSA to announce three vital safety changes this month image

The Agency’s Administrator has offered some insights about the voluntary safety-related accord said to be announced Friday.

As some recent reports have indicated, important global carmakers and the US government officials are said to announce a voluntary safety-related accord on Friday at the Detroit Auto Show, but without revealing the directions of the agreement. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the US Department of Commerce plan to make a series of “potentially history-making” announcements this week and then later in January, NHTSA head Mark Rosekind said during a visit to Detroit. And in seems the accord focuses on three major safety ideas. One of the developments in the works plans to unite all the sides under a new safety consortium, with the common goal of bringing new life-saving technologies to market faster, much sooner than is now possible under current regulations. “These actions going forward (will) change the nature of the auto industry,” Rosekind said. The proposed consortium is expected to bring together NHTSA and 16 different global automakers.

“We need to get to the stage where safety is no longer a competitive tool,” but something all manufacturers are expected to deliver, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said at the auto show. A second important direction would result from this extended cooperation, as last September ten automakers agreed to make automatic emergency braking systems standard on all their future vehicles. Rosekind said the plan is to bring the system into production at least several years ahead of what would happen if NHTSA set out to mandate the technology. Another major announcement is also to be made this week, targeting the autonomous technologies, as NHTSA believes that self-driving cars will eventually lead to no traffic fatalities.

Via The Detroit Bureau