US: Nissan decides to settle class lawsuit on defective brakes image

The US division of the Japanese automaker, Nissan North America has opted to settle a class lawsuit and according to court documents, the company would move to reimburse customers up to $800 each to end a legal battle that claimed some vehicles could experience sudden brake failures.

Related only to nationwide US customers, the settlement agreement is going to affect current or former owners of around 350,000 vehicles – including Nissan Armadas, Infiniti QX56s or certain Nissan Titans, all model years 2004 to 2008. The case agreement, filed with the US District Court for the Northern District of California is still pending approval from US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton. The class action lawsuit was initiated back in 2011 on the grounds that allegedly cited a problem with an electrical component that would lead to brake failure without prior notice. The lawsuit only acted on behalf of owners that asked for reimbursement of monetary losses, leaving aside any claims for physical injuries.

The deal – although a total amount is yet unclear – would see the US subsidiary of Japan-based Nissan Motor Co Ltd give back affected owners between $20 and $800, depending on a vehicle’s mileage. The automaker also agreed to accept up to $3.45 million in legal fees and expenses for the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Via Reuters