US: Nissan looking to pass Honda image

After announcing the results for the April-June quarter, the Japanese automaker also discussed in detail the situation in its No.1 market in the world, the US, where it aims to catch up with Honda.

Nissan will move to increase both sales and profit margins in America, after surging 14% on quarterly sales, delivering around 350,000 cars. The automaker also booked a 4.3 % operating profit margin for North America in the quarter, rising from 3.8% for the same period last year.

“It’s a good thing that the gap between Honda is shrinking,” Vice President Joji Tagawa told a news conference. “But in the end, our goal is to boost our own sales and profitability. We are seeing growth in vehicle volume, but North America still has profitability potential and this just marks the beginning of improvements.”

Six months sales were also up 12.8% – with Nissan now the sixth automaker in the country. The Japanese carmaker moved past South Korea’s Hyundai and is close to home rival Honda, which had a 0.8% slip during the same period. Struggling not long ago, the North American operations were taken over by Jose Munoz in January, with CEO Carlos Ghosn expecting him to lift sales, raise profitability and increase the brand’s market share.

Via Reuters