US: Nissan recalls over 108,000 Rogue crossovers for potential liftgate corrosion image

Nissan said that the recall issued for the United States was a precautionary one, following reports of corrosion issues on some models sold on foreign markets.

In documents filed with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan said it received, around mid-January, reports from a foreign market over some rear liftgate failures caused by corrosion. The problem was observed on certain older Nissan models that are not for sale in the United States. Following an internal investigation, the automaker found out that the blamed parts were fitted on its Rogue crossovers sold in the US, but tests showed no evidence of corrosion issues. However, Nissan said it decided after all “out of abundance of caution” to issue a safety campaign to prevent the problem. There are 108,503 Rogues affected, build between July 31, 2013, to January 16, 2016.

And yet, what could be the defect? “The anti-corrosion treatment of the outer tube on the rear lift gate stay was altered from specification by the supplier, resulting in a potentially insufficient coating. The rear lift gate stay provides power assist to the rear lift gate and operates under high pressure gas. If the anti-corrosion coating is insufficient, in certain rare instances, the outer tube of the rear lift gate stay may corrode over time due to salt and water penetration; causing a sudden release of pressure. “

Owners will be informed within 60 days, for a second notification to be issued when the remedy parts become available. The final remedy will be to replace both rear door stays with new ones, free of charge.