According to Nissan Motor’s North American boss, the automaker is poised to overtake Japanese rival Honda as far as US sales are concerned, riding on the back of the recently introduced Titan full-size pickup truck.

Nissan’s Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn wants North America to offset the losses incurred by the recent recession in Russia and the dwindling sales growth in crucial markets such as Japan and China. Together with the rest of the global automakers, Nissan had the best January US deliveries in more than seven years, with demand fueled by the continued availability of cheap gasoline and rising confidence triggered by the low employment rates. “By saying overtaking them, I don’t mean overtake them for one month or two months, I mean overtaking them consistently every month,” commented Jose Munoz, executive vice president for Nissan in the region. “We have more presence in more segments, just to mention simply the full-size pickup truck Titan we are going to launch for a big segment, which is more than 2 million cars, where this competitor doesn’t operate. This is a significant advantage.”

Nissan has now predicted it could lift its market share in the US to 10 percent by March 2017, though the executive now believes they can do even better. Figures from Autodata Corp. show the automaker’s US market share surged 0.4 percentage points to 8.4 percent last year. The Japanese company lifted sales in the country by 11 percent in 2014, reaching record deliveries, besting Toyota’s 6.2 percent growth and the feeble 1 percent gain at smaller rival Honda.

Via Bloomberg


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