US: Nissan wants to pitch Titan as an alternative between mid and full size pickup trucks image

The Japanese automakers had a tough time cracking the “cowboys” market of full-size pickup trucks, look one of the last survivalist segments for the Detroit three.

The midsize truck segment has been – until GM came with the Chevy Colorado/ GMC Canyon duo – largely deserted by the US automakers in favor of Toyota and Nissan trucks. But the affair is a Detroit one when it comes to the segment where the Ford F-150, thumb Chevrolet Siverado and Ram 1500 are the top three options. And with their Nissan Titan rival loosing steam, ailment producing frustration and languish, the Japanese automaker decided it’s time for a swinging strategy. One that would involve a critical refurbish of a product involved with a key American segment – with the Titan proposed as a rugged light pickup. It’s bigger than the outgoing model, and it doesn’t search for a “Texan” or miniature commercial heavy truck image (think Mack or Peterbilt). Instead, it would be positioned above most light duty entries and below the heavy-duty, heavy-specs Detroit three entries.

The second-generation Titan is going to have marketing campaigns that capitalize on its mythological, embracing a gladiator, Spartacus-like message – no wonder, since the front and back have been styled to resemble the outlines of a roman helmet, or even the shield. One of the boldest moves from the Japanese automaker is to embrace Ram’s diesel trend – adding in the XD trim a Cummins 5.0-liter turbodiesel V8 engine in order to complement the usual Nissan gasoline V8 and V6.

Via Automotive News