US: Obama wants more fuel-efficient trucks image

In a move that should reduce both the global climate change and consumer costs, President Barack Obama publicly expressed a goal of vastly improving the fuel-efficiency of both medium and heavy-duty hauling trucks.

This is only one of the measures the US president plans to take, even when faced with the divided Congress, and the White House will order the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Administration to have a final new rule in place by March 2016.

“Improving gas mileage for these trucks is going to drive down our oil imports even further,” the president said during his visit to a Safeway facility in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. “That reduces carbon pollution even more, cuts down on businesses’ fuel costs, which should pay off in lower prices for consumers. So it’s not just a win-win. It’s a win-win-win.”

Back in 2011 the government issued the first ever fuel-efficiency standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks, which should boost mileage by up to 20% by 2018 – achieving an industry wide cost reduction of around $50 billion in fuel.

The new rules will need to be revealed by 2015 to allow for the mandatory public comment period, while actually coming into effect only from the 2019 model-year, to allow manufacturers the necessary time to implement the changes.