The Toledo assembly complex has been the place where the Jeep Wrangler feels at home, tracing its production roots there to the Jeeps of the 1940s – the same ones that helped the Allies win World War II.

Recently, though, storms have gathered above the facility’s ground – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chief executive Sergio Marchionne has recently declared the next generation of the iconic 4×4 vehicle would feature an aluminum intensive design, also switching to a unibody platform and using smaller new engines. That means the production could be moved to another plant, as the Toledo factory is too expensive to retool.

Now, UAW and political leaders have a scheduled gathering later today to support a community-wide effort to persuade FCA to keep the Wrangler production in its original location, Toledo, Ohio, US.

Joining Representative Marcy Kaptur and Mayor D. Michael Collins, US Senator Sherrod Brown said, “the Jeep Wrangler represents the reliability and tough grit that embody Toledo,” and all of them, together with workers, local leaders and community members at UAW Local 12 want to start a common effort to retain the Wrangler at the Chrysler Assembly Plant. At the factory, of the 6,000 employees that work at what has been named the most efficient assembly plant in North America twice so far, 1,700 workers are directly involved with the production of the Wrangler.

Via Automotive News


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